You can’t Live on Leftovers


Over the last few months my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. A lot has changed and there is a lot of change that I am still waiting and hoping for.

God has been on the move in my life in a big way and I have been holding on tight as the wild ride continues.

I’ve grown a lot, I’ve seen things, learned things, heard things, experienced things. I’ve asked questions, I’ve received answers, and I’ve asked more.

I’ve been loved and shaped and molded. And at times it’s been very hard.

At other times, it’s been an amazing revelation of God’s love for me.

In my highs and lows of the last few months, I’ve pressed into God more deeply than ever, and I’ve heard from Him more clearly than ever.

That’s the exciting part. That’s the amazing, gracious, precious gift I’ve been given.

I’ve heard Jesus tell me He loves me, many times and in many different ways.

On several occasion, I’ve felt fear, disappointment, anxiety, confusion. I’ve questioned God, and accused God, and set out on my own to have a good, long talk with God.

And His answers have been immeasurably gracious.

I’ve shared most of my revelations here on this blog in posts like We Don’t have to Worry About Money Anymore and What God can’t do.

Each fresh revelation is precious to me and I drink deeply of the truths that God reveals to me through His Word and His work in my life.

Much like the feast many of us enjoyed yesterday, I eat my fill and am deeply, soul satisfied.

But there is a problem.


I don’t sit still. My life doesn’t sit still. I’m in a constant state of flux and my relationships with God and others are always changing. My circumstances are never permanent. The season I’m in never lasts.

And soon, all too soon, that beautiful revelation I had a week or two ago has grown stale. It doesn’t quiet the fears I feel in this moment. It doesn’t comfort the latest disappointment I’ve experienced.

Like the turkey sandwiches served a week after Thanksgiving, these stale revelations no longer completely satisfy.

And so I go back to the cross. I press in again, harder than before. I return to my knees, I ask my new questions and the Lord ministers to my heart. He re-impresses upon me the greatness of His love, the sovereignty of His will, and He reassures me that I am in His hands.

If you are feeling tired and worn today, dissatisfied with a situation that you had perfect peace about last week, then I would encourage you to head back to the cross where Jesus has prepared a fresh feast of reassurances for you, and where His banner over you is love.

He has brought me to his banquet hall,
And his banner over me is love.

Song of Solomon 2:4


About Leah Ness

I am a self-professed story addict. Ever since I was little, I've had an overactive imagination and a passion for a well-spun yarn. When I grew up, I was blessed with a passion for God as well. It was then that I noticed a relative shortage of unique Christian fiction, the kind that can both captivate you and glorify God. So, despite the hurdles of things like commas and homonyms, I am endeavoring to write some of my own. Check out my Books page for updates on current and future books. View all posts by Leah Ness

10 responses to “You can’t Live on Leftovers

  • Tapestry Treasures

    Well said! I love your transparency, your so right. I think God doesn’t intend for us to have leftovers from his table, He asks us to partake of Him…The Bread of Life. Because God intends to send his Word [living word] out to do his good pleasure and it will not return void, in such, his manna will never go stale. God meets us in the moment, the Holy Spirit leads us in truth and the unfailing love of the Lord restores, renews and rebuilds our faith. With God there is no limit…only grace for our salvation. One thing is true in our everyday life routines, our thought life is key to so much of what happens to us. Meaning, what we think today is what we will live tomorrow. If we put our thoughts to right thinking it will reflect in our actions, speech and beliefs. I love reading the scriptures…it is full of deep treasures of wisdom and knowledge. How great is God’s love for us. It really reassures my heart to know he is in control and working it out for my good…from moment to moment. Bless you ~Zoey

  • colbyjamesfreeland

    That was out so beautifully and definitely a truth for myself! Thank you for writing this. 🙂 I look forward to following your blog!

  • Funmi Akinmade

    Leah, your thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal! We are given the revelation we need for today, today – like our daily bread. If this were to satisfy us tomorrow, we would be living on a formula that says we have arrived because we know exactly what tomorrow will be like. This would make us lords over our lives as we live independent of God. So, in order to avoid this and protect us from being gods unto ourselves, we need to seek God afresh daily and not rely on the ‘leftovers’ of yesterday. Our lives are in seasons and so we cannot be still or we would stagnate! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay blessed!

    • Leah Ness

      Yep. you’re absolutely right. I feel the same way about going through hard times; if I didn’t go through rough patches, I wouldn’t need God so badly. And I always want to need Him. I want to be completely addicted to Jesus! Thanks so much for your insightful comment =)

  • Susan Irene Fox

    As we remind ourselves daily to seek God’s kingdom, it becomes easier to surrender to His will. Yet, there are still times when I must remember to pray, to call on Jesus’ name, and to get myself out of the way so the Spirit clan work through me. Great post.

  • Alison

    “And so I go back to the cross. I press in again, harder than before. I return to my knees, I ask my new questions and the Lord ministers to my heart.”

    This is beautiful. And exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.


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