Author Updates

Oct. 1, 2015

It’s here! Well, to be more specific, it’s here. Don’t miss out on the promotional opening weekend: This Saturday and Sunday only, pick up your copy for FREE!!! And to those of you who prefer the weight of good, old-fashioned paper in your hands, keep your eyes peeled for the paper-back edition, coming soon =D

It is my deepest hope and prayer that God will be glorified and that you, my dear reader, will enjoy!!

Sept. 11, 2015

This One

Well, after too many months of agonizing, editing, re-writing, re-editing, and discouragement-fighting, the manuscript for ‘To Watch me Burn’ has been ‘finalized’*. The release date is set for the first week in October, when it will be available exclusively on amazon in e-book and paperback. Keep a wary eye for more news and updates on promotional weekends and fun things like that. Here’s a slightly more detailed description than the last… enjoy =)

Life is simple on the island nation of Melior: the just are rewarded for their good deeds, while the criminals are branded for their failings and sent to live outside the proud city’s walls.

In the midst of this society that emphasizes worth via achievement, Merritt’s sole aim in life is to earn value. When he discovers that his domineering mother has been lying to him, he leaves the city to find out for himself the truth of the Branded community. It is there, among the untouchables, that he finally begins to feel a sense of belonging. 

But this acceptance comes at a terrible price. When false accusations leave Merritt guilty in the eyes of the law, he must set out to reinvent his identity and answer the question: Can a man be worth more than his actions?


*Until such time as I happen to read it again and decide to change everything.



March 31, 2015


Hello everyone =) as some of you may have noticed, in recent months I have not been the diligent poster that once I was. I have an excuse! (And it might even be a good one)

In November, I began work on my second novel. It’s been challenging and slow but also exciting and rewarding. This morning, after the first two rounds of edits, I completed the story and sealed it with the final sentence. Well, the working final sentence, at any rate.

I had hoped to have a cover by this point, but alas, it remains just beyond my grasp. Prayerfully I’ll be able to post a cover reveal soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this brief teaser of my next novel, ‘To Watch Me Burn.’

All his life, Merritt has tried to be good enough. Pursuing perfection as a means to self-worth, he’s caught in a vicious cycle of trying and failing to win even his own approval.

When he stumbles across a secret explanation for his feelings of inadequacy, he steps beyond the walls of his legalistic society and reaches out to his fellow sinners. It is there, among the untouchable citizenry, that he finally begins to feel a sense of belonging.  

But, when events transpire to burn all his efforts to ash, he must set out to reinvent his identity and answer the question: can a man be worth more than his actions?



Feb. 16, 2015

First Draft Complete

Last week I finished the first draft of my second novel! Yay! But that’s the first (translation: rough… very rough) draft. That means it’s on to the edits. All 125,000+ words of edits…. oh boy.




Jan 19, 2015

Ransomed in Paperback

Hello there =)

Many moons ago, I made a promise to some people that I would soon be releasing a paperback edition of Ransomed. Fast forward to present day and the promise is so old many don’t even remember that I made it. Well, for those of you who do, I don’t have any fancy excuses. In fact, I’m ashamed of myself. My deepest, most heartfelt apologies for the delay.

Now, without further adieu, you can find the paper-back editions on amazon or createspace.

In other news, I am hard at work on my next novel and hope to (*fingers crossed*) have the first draft completed by the end of the month. So keep a weather eye on the horizon for more news and a title/cover release soon…ish 😉





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