Reason for the Blog

Greetings and welcome to my blog! I know this is the bit where I’m supposed to reassure you that you have just entered an amazing site that will offer you words of wisdom and encouragement and change your life. But the truth is, I’m a bit of a mess, and I have a messy life.

I have a wonderful husband with whom I am madly in love, I have loving parents I get to see weekly, and a group of the craziest siblings anyone could ask for (plus my sister Becky, who may be the only sane one among us). I’m pursuing a dream career as a writer which will – very hopefully – mean a published book soon, and I live in the shadow (literally) of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

But the very most important thing about me is that I am a daughter of the Almighty King of kings. I have been ransomed by Jesus Christ and I have the Holy Spirit living in me.

Unfortunately, I must still ‘fight the good fight’ and I battle my fleshly nature every day. That’s where the messy bit comes in. I make mistakes all the time; some are major and painful, some are minor and even silly. And God loves me through all of them.  He shows me grace every second and sustains each breath.

Every day He shows me His love for me in new ways. This blog is where I share my ‘love letters from God.’ Some posts are silly, more are serious, but all are written to one end:

To glorify God.

I’m glad you stopped in and I hope you enjoy your visit, but much more than that, I hope you walk away smiling, because Jesus loves you!


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